351 N Highway 71

Winslow AR 72959

Winslow Tunnel in 1889
from Winslow Top of the Ozarks by Robert Winn and Lyda Pierce

Early settlement in the Winslow area of south Washington County began following the Civil War and the first post office, called Summit Home, was opened in December 1876. A stagecoach line called the Woolum-Brown Stage Line operated between Fayetteville and Alma sometime after the Civil War.

With construction of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad in the early 1880s, the town flourished. As the railroad moved from Fayetteville through the West Fork (Washington County) valley, people moved south with it. The completion of the 1,726 foot long Winslow Tunnel in 1882 opened new economic opportunities to the town. Winslow-area residents harvested timber on a large scale for railroad ties and fence posts. In August 1881, application was made to change the post office name to Winslow, after Edward F Winslow,then president of the St.Louis- San Francisco Railroad.

After 1882, when regular passenger service was initiated on the "Frisco" line, Winslow developed a lively resort business, complete with fine hotels. This allowed visitors from Fort Smith as well as Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana to visit the Boston Mountains with ease and in comfort, enjoying the "cool, refreshing mountain summers".

Winslow was incorporated in 1905. In 1908 the Winslow American paper was started by Maud and Gilbert Duncan and was published until 1953. In 1925, Maud Duncan, who was local pharmacist as well as newpaper person, ran for mayor and was elected along with an all-female city council.

In the 1930's drought as well as the Depression brought on a decline in Winslow that was aggravated by growth in automobile use which put the resort business in trouble. After World War II, there was no industry to attract returning soldiers back to the area. In recent years, development of Interstate 540 to the west has made it possible for people to live in Winslow and work in the cities to the north. The original US Highway 71 which still runs through Winslow, has become a scenic byway since it now carries less heavy traffic and still offers wonderful views in the Boston Mountains south of Winslow.

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