207 West Center Street

Fayetteville AR 72701

David Walker was born in Kentucky and arrived in Fayetteville in late 1830, broke and needing work. He was trained in Law and soon began his Arkansas law career with the Crawford County Circuit. The year 1832 marked the first of a string of elective offices including prosecuting attorney, territorial legislature, constitutional convention, state senator, and Arkansas Supreme Court Justice. Walker built the two story brick house at 207 west Center Street in 1847. He later sold the house to prominent merchant Stephen K Stone. During the Civil War, the house was struck by Confederate cannon fire while the Stone family lived there. A grandson of Stephen Stone, nationally known architect Edward D Stone, bought the property and began restoration of the house in the early 1970's.

A historical marker was placed at the house by Washington County Historical Society in 1965. The house presently contains law and other offices.

Washington County History Shiloh Museum 1989
The Old Stone House Flashback 1972

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