Savoy, WC 86

Fayetteville AR 72704


A post office was first established at Savoy in 1892, was inactive from 1907 to 1925 and then was discontinued in 1942.

Savoy had a number of businesses including stores and a blacksmith shop but was best known for its mill. Adam Carnahan was first landowner and mill owner in Savoy as early as 1840. Later owners were Charles Hieschspeed, a man named Jones, J K Cowan and several members of his family including Herschell Phipps. The mill was known as Carnahan's Mill, Clear Creek Roller Mills and American Milling Company. Flour produced was sold under trade name "We-Li-Ka".

In later years a mercantile store was added to one side of the mill. A chicken hatchery was added as well as an apartment. The mill suffered twin disasters in 1960 with a severe flood in July followed by a fire in August, ending the mill's operation.

A tornado struck Savoy in 1898 destroying the building that housed the school and Masonic lodge. Another school was built around 1910 and operated grades one through eight until consolidated with Farmington in 1948.

A canning factory was operated in the 1920's and 30's, processing mainly tomatoes. It closed in 1937. Many men in the area worked on construction of nearby Lake Wedington.

Today there are no businesses in Savoy but the old mill pond, pictured above, still exists as a reminder of the town's history.

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Savoy Remembered by Leslie Parr Sutton Flashback May 1977

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