Rail Depot
306 E Emma Street

Springdale AR 72764

When the St Louis - San Francisco Railway came to Springdale in 1881, the town began to shift its center from the town square which was located in the block where Shiloh Museum is now located. Businesses began to develop along the railroad.

While the area timber business was a major beneficiary and contributor, to the railroads, in Springdale, the fruit industry took great advantage and was soon shipping hundreds of car loads of apples, strawberries, peaches, tomatoes and later grapes and poultry. In 1912, a train loaded with orphan children from the New York area came to Springdale and the children were located in area homes.

In the 1940's trains passing through Springdale included 6 passenger trains and 20-25 freight trains with as many as 350 freight cars. Today a few freight trains travel through and a tour train run by the Arkansas-Missouri Railroad operates between Springdale and Van Buren.

Springdale The Courage of Shiloh by Velda Brotherton
History of Washington County published by Shiloh Museum 1989

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