Jones Truck Line
610 E Emma Street

Springdale AR 72764

In 1917, Harvey Jones went into the hauling business with a wagon and team of two mules, one red and one black. He hauled freight between Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville. In 1919, he sold the wagon and mules and bought his first truck, used. The company name was first Jones Transportation Company and in 1933, became Jones Truck Lines(JTL). The company was incorporated in 1934. By 1937, JTL operated 44 trucks out of the depot on east Emma Avenue. In the '60's Jones had 15 terminals employing about 1,000 people from Texas to Mississippi to Missouri to Kansas, and, of course, still in Springdale. They operated 200 trucks and 590 trailers which traveled some 50,000 miles a day between terminals.

Jones built his own maintenance operation in Springdale and he insisted his equipment was always ready to deliver freight with maximum possible quality. In the '70's, Jones grew to have 28 terminals in 12 states.

In 1980 the Sun Company (formerly Sun Oil) purchased Jones Truck Lines from Harvey Jones. JTL continued to grow under Sun ownership and in 1989 operated 123 terminals in 22 states. However deregulation in the industry caused JTL to file for bankruptcy and close in 1991.

Harvey Jones was always civic minded and active in community affairs. In 1957 he and his wife Bernice, founded the Jones Foundation to provide scholarships to Springdale students. They made significant donations to the University of Arkansas and donated valuable land to the school district. Following Harvey's death, Bernice built the Bernice and Harvey Jones Center for Families in Springdale on the site of JTL operations. The Center was made available to anyone who wanted to use its sports and meeting facilities. The 220,000 square foot facility was funded entirely by Bernice Jones. Today the Center continues to provide sports facilities for people of the area, but also provides office space for many non-profits who provide needed services to many.

The Jones Foundation has contributed to many organizations in the area, providing expanded facilities at Springdale hospital, the NARTI non-profit cancer treatment center and the Springdale school district.

Springdale The Courage of Shiloh by Velda Brotherton
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