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The Hazel Valley post office was established 1 July, 1875. Deane Carter places it in s24, T14N, R28W but the current County road map shows Hazel Valley in s30, T14N, R28W. The Hazel Valley post office was in service for 75 years until 1951 except for a brief interruption in 1878.

The R.L.Polk Gazetter for 1892-1893 shows Hazel Valley had a wagon maker, blacksmith, cooper, general store and gristmill in addition to the post office at that time.

Velda Brotherton says the first name for what became Hazel Valley was Plum Orchard. A George Washington Wallis came to Arkansas with his parents sometime before 1850, settling in Johnson County. In 1907 he and his wife, Patsey Ann Monroe Robinson settled near old Osburn which would have been near the head of Middle Fork River south of Hazel Valley. George served in both Confederate and Union armies, having been conscripted into the Confederate army by Home Guards in the area, but deserted and signed into the Union Arkansas Infantry Volunteers, fought in Battle of Prairie Grove and was discharged in 1865.

Brotherton says a large community building served both as school and church. She says there was a large sawmill as well as general store in addition to the post office. She says not much has been written on Hazel Valley.

There are a number of mentions in the family histories in the Washington County History book and some bits can be gleaned from that.

The Fred Brown family moved to Hazel Valley in 1914, buying a 160 acre farm. They had five children born in Missouri and two more born in Hazel Valley. School for the children depended on which school, Union Point or Hazel Valley offered lowest rates for a school year, sometime lasting only 4 or 5 months. Middle Fork River was crossed by a swinging bridge but when river was up or rain was heavy, the children were retrieved by horse. Mail was only collected about once a week as it required about three mile ride by horseback. Virgil Bradshaw story, pages 512-513.

Land for Hazel valley Community Church was first deeded to the South Methodist Church by the James Height family in 1887. The Church sold it to Hazel Valley School District retaining privilege of using it. When school consolidation was voted in 1948, the deed was changed back to the Church where it remains. There was likely a church in the community but nothing was written on it. The community has a long history of worship, singing and community events such as pie suppers. The community cemetery is near the church and is well maintained. Page 714

William Noah Kirk and his wife Mary Jame LeMaster moved to Hazel Valley in the 1880's and farmed as well as operating a general store and teamster service. Page 1162

John Miles Nickell came with his parents to Hazel Valley in 1880 when he was 4 years old. His father Andy T Nickell, was a Methodist circuit riding preacher traveling as far as Johnson County on his circuits. John farmed, mostly growing apples and raising sheep. They moved to Fayetteville when their two oldest children had finished grade school at Hazel Valley. page 1254.

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