210 School Street

Elm Springs AR 72728

Elm Springs was established at a large spring flowing about six miles west of Springdale in the north-central part of the County. In 1844, John Ingram built a mill there powered by water from the spring. William Barrington and William Deaver bought out Ingram and operated the mill. Barrington also served as postmaster when the post office was established in 1848. The post office closed in 1861 during the Civil War and reopened in 1865.

The Methodist church was organized in 1832. The first schools were established in 1849 by the church but closed due to an epidemic. The property was transferred to trustees of the Elm Springs Male and Female Academy. Later another Elm Springs Academy school was founded and was soon sold to Elm Springs school district, which was eventually consolidated into the Springdale district.

Population grew until the Civil War with the town boasting several stores, blacksmith shop and schools. After the war the population never recovered. A railroad was built through Elm Springs in 1914 but discontinued in 1918. However the town still exists today and is headquarters of Willis Shaw Trucking Company. Shaw was one of the pioneers in the trucking industry of northwest Arkansas.

A Yester Daze Festival is held in October to celebrate the area history.

Goodspeed's History of Washington County 1889
Some Notes about Early Elm Springs by D D Deaver Flashback August 1961

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