514 East Rock Street

Fayetteville AR 72701

On June 10,1872, a group of Fayetteville women met at the Methodist Church and organized as the Southern Memorial Association for the express purpose of securing and preparing a site for burial of Confederate dead of Fayetteville, Prairie Grove and Pea Ridge battles. The founders included Mrs. T M Gunter,Mrs. T J Pollard, Mrs J L Craven, Miss Helen Severs, and Mrs M C Stephenson.

They purchased three acres of ground from C W Walker for a merely nominal consideration, situated on a picturesque spur of East Mountain (now Mt.Sequoyah)up whose steeps climbs Rock Street. Within a year, they had enclosed the ground with a board fence, and interred the mouldering bones of 500 of the fallen. On June 10, 1873, the Confederate Cemetery of Fayetteville was dedicated. In 1885, the stone wall enclosing the grounds was erected. In 1897, a monument was unveiled. An inscription on this monument reads "These were men whom power could not corrupt, whom death could not terrify, whom defeat could not dishonor". In 1926 the Association erected an imposing entrance gateway of native brown stone.

One Hundred Years of Fayetteville by William S Campbell

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