Clinton House Museum
930 Clinton Drive

Fayetteville AR 72701

The dwelling at 930 Clinton (formerly California) Drive (Oak Park Place Addition district)had a long lineage of owners prior to its purchase by future President William Clinton in 1975. The Taylor-Swanson-Gifford House (Clinton House) was originally constructed around 1931 in the English Tudor Revival style. This house is one of the earliest in the neighborhood and is the only example of this style architecture in the neighborhood.

The house is significant by virtue of its role as the home of the sole owner of the Fayetteville Daily Leader newspaper (H. H. "Scotty" Taylor), the home of Gilbert C. and Roberta "Bo" Fulbright Swanson (owner of Jerpe Commissions Co. and sister of Senator J. William Fulbright), the home of Dr. Warren and Rebecca Gifford (head of the UA Animal Science dept. for 25 years), and the first home the forty-second president of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Though this period of significance (1975-76, the years Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton lived in this house) is less than fifty years distant, the Taylor-Swanson-Gifford House is of extraordinary significance through both its direct associations with the President and Secretary of State and its status as the single extant property most directly associated with their wedding and early married life and the period in his life where he ran his first successful political campaign for Arkansas attorney general.

Bill Clinton purchased the house on August 11, 1975 for $17,200.00 while Hillary was on a trip to visit friends and family between semesters at the U of A where both were teaching in the Law School. Bill and Hillary were married in the living room of the home on October 11, 1975. The museum today houses a replica of the wedding dress that Hillary wore that day. There were a few home improvement projects that the Clintons made - one of which remains today. The inglenook still has the tile the Clintons laid. When Hillary visited the museum in 2008, she commented on the tile work. She mentioned that it was a weekend project that turned into a month-long one, "but at least it got done!" Bill Clinton tried to wallpaper the small kitchenette and said later that's when he knew he wasn't cut out for manual labor.

In May 1976, Bill Clinton won the primary for Attorney General and was unopposed in the November general election. The Clintons lived in the home from August of 1975 until December of 1976. The house on California Drive is the only home that they shared before entering state and national politics.

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