Bluff Cemetery
900 N Shiloh Drive

Springdale AR 72764

Bluff Cemetery is one of the largest in the County. No information is certain as to when it was first used. The title of The Silent White City book indicates burials from 1841 but author can only say for sure that it was in use before the Civil War. In 1895 some 400 graves were moved from the graveyard at the old Shiloh Church to Bluff Cemetery. Those graves included John Holcombe, credited with founding Springdale, who died in 1876 and his wife Dorothy who died in 1874, as well as many other early residents of the area.

In 1906 the Bluff Cemetery Association was formed and in 1972 the cemetery was deeded to the City of Springdale.

The Silent White City, Bluff Cemetery, Burials 1841-2005 by Rhonda Trent
Bluff Cemetery Springdale Flashback May 1953

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