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Cane Hill was one of the first settlements founded after Lovely County was formed in 1827. So it was a well established place in 1837 when a group of Cherokees lead by B B Cannon stopped overnight at their last stop before reaching Indian Territory at the Bean Farm near Stilwell.

B B Cannon's contingent of 365 "treaty party" Cherokees left from southeastern Tennessee, near Calhoun on October 14, 1837. In his journal, Cannon wrote of passing by Fitzgerald's near Springdale and Cunningham's at Mt Comfort before reaching "James Coulter's on Cane Hill, Ark" on December 26, 1837. The next morning before leaving about 8 AM, they buried 12 or 13 year old Alsey, daughter of Chas. Timberlake. On Dec.17 just west of Springfield MO, they had buried Smoker, son of Chas. Timberlake. After reaching Mr. Beans on Dec.28, the party refused to go any further because of illness within the party. That day they buried another child of Chas. Timberlake.

James Coulter's property was located just north of the present Cane Hill cemetery and Alsey Timberlake was possibly buried there in an unmarked grave. A receipt was issued to Coulter by Cannon for a coffin for a young Cherokee, price $2.

An Overland Journey to the West(October-December 1837) B B Cannon
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Historic Washington County by W J Lemke Washington County Historical Society 1952

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