Battle at McGuire's (Maguires) Store
Arkansas 74, northeast of Elkins

In a number of histories of the area including Goodspeed, Maguire's Store is listed as McGuire's and Shea has used this spelling in his book. However in most recent writings, including an article in Flashback by a Maguire descendant, Juel Benbrook Hamblen Giles, that spelling is used.

Following the Battle at Pea Ridge in early 1862, Confederate forces under General Hindman located in Huntsville and were driven from there by Union forces under General Schofield. Hindman did not want to withdraw into the Arkansas River valley and moved down to Brashears. From there he hoped to move on Fayetteville, and on October 26 Hindman sent General Marmaduke with his cavalry unit to McGuires Store.

General Schofield marched his Union force south from Elkhorn Tavern. When they reached Osage Spring just south of Bentonville he learned of Marmaduke's move to McGuire's and assumed, correctly, they were moving toward Fayetteville. Schofield took his forces with General Totten south through Elm Springs toward Fayetteville. General Herron was located at Cross Hollows and was ordered to move south to McGuires and Schofield planned to move through Fayetteville and strike Marmaduke from the west. Herron had already reached the Confederate positons near McGuires and after a short skirmish the Confederate withdrew back toward Brashears. So by the time Schofield and Totten started east from Fayetteville they met Herron's troops heading west. Totten deployed his troops and when Hindman came up to make another effort to drive toward Fayetteville, he realized Totten's force was more than he was prepared to fight. So Hindman moved back to Brashears as had Marmaduke's troops after their encounter with Herron.

Because of a chronic lack of supplies, Hindman on the 29th withdrew his troops down the Ozark Road to the River Valley.

Maguire Town by Juel Benbrook Hamblen Giles Flashback November 1986
Fields of Blood, The Prairie Grove Campaign by William L Shea

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