Elm Springs AR 72728

Elm Springs was located on the main road from Bentonville to Fayetteville during the Civil War. So it saw considerable military traffic from both sides in the war.

On March 6,1862 Confederate troops under General Van Dorn, camped near Elm Springs moved to attack Union General Sigel's troops at Bentonville, almost catching Sigel at breakfast. They moved on to Pea Ridge to take part in the battle there March 6-8.

In August 1862 a force of some 4000 Confederate recruits from Missouri and Arkansas were training near Elm Springs. They were not equipped with weapons however. It is possible these men would have taken part in the battle at Prairie Grove in December.

Ingenthron reported skirmishes at or near Elm Springs in April and July of 1863.

Borderland Rebellion by Elmo Ingenthron

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